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Aubrey Trinnaman 

Bo Lily, 2017

on reverse: an interview with Aubrey Trinnaman by Lindley Warren

Aubrey Trinnaman was born and raised in Alpine, Utah, and lives in Bolinas, California. Her interviewer, Lindley Warren is a photographer currently residing in Iowa City, IA where she is pursuing her BFA in Photography at the University of Iowa. She is the founder and editor of various publications including The Ones We Love and The Photographic Dictionary. Warren has curated international exhibitions and self-published books and magazines. She is presently working on a newsprint called The Reservoir with Jack Harries (The Heavy Collective) which will be released late Summer 2018. Here's an extract from their interview:

LW The more time I have spent with Bo Lily the more I have noticed ways in which this image is dualistic and deceptive. An example of this is that the calla lily, which is in fact not a lily at all, is traditionally associated with purity. However, I can’t help but see this flower as being erotic with its central erect stigma amplified by the camouflaged spider crawling along its edge. This impression is also informed by the photographs you sent me alongside this one that, to me, have a very distinct sexual tension.

AT I see what you mean. Although I was not intending to convey it directly, I see that the flower, as well as the spider, is sexual. When I really take the time to listen, I feel that our sexuality is everything, yet we often complicate that. The “sexual tension” you mention is, to me, the feeling of being a living-anything. This is my experience anyway. To be alive is a precarious walk on the edge of something vital, unpredictable, and sublime in its dangers and rewards. It’s a dance we have no control over, but we try gracefully at. I see the stigma. And I see the orifice. I see a spider finding a white flower to exist safely in, and scaling the edge of. It just so happens to be an uncanny and gorgeous reveal of camouflage to someone who is not interested in eating the spider.