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Jessica Pettway

Martin, 2015

on reverse: an interview with Jessica Pettway by Efrem Zelony-Mindell

Jessica Pettway is a New York based visual artist and grilled cheese enthusiast. With a unique eye for color and playful compositions she creates surreal arrangements that that serve as a relaxing escape from everyday life. She received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and her work has been published by VICE, NYT Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek and Time. When she told us about the poster, she said:

The photo is actually an outtake from a super failed shoot I had on the beach a few summers back lol. I made different cartoony wave cutouts made of foam and stuck them in the sand to mix real and fake elements of a beach scene. I was pretty unprepared for how windy it was and very few shots worked out. In addition to the foam cutouts I had different fabrics, printouts and colored vinyls. My best friend was trying to stop one fabrics from completely blowing away and it covered his face and body - I thought it looked super cool so I took a couple shots before finally helping him escape the material. I got some interesting unplanned photos from the experiment and I definitely want to attempt it again.