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Maciej Markovicz

Motiongraph #08 (South View from Brooklyn Bridge), Manhattan, New York, 03:45pm, November 28, 2015

on reverse: an introduction to the Obscurabus project and an interview with Maciej Markovicz by Romke Hoogwaerts

Maciej Markovicz is a photographer as well as an ingenious designer and woodworker, crafting clever furniture designs and even a variety of camera obscuras, like the Obscurabus, which created the photograph featured on this poster.

RFP I’ve experienced a few camera obscuras now, I actually had a fascination with them in my teenage years. Yours has been the only moving camera obscura I’ve been in, and, well, I certainly was moved by it. What kind of camera obscuras did you experience before you pursued this project?

MM My adventure with camera obscura started in London in 2007, soon after I began my BA in Photography at LCC. I quickly set up my darkroom in a spare room in the Brixton house where I was living in at the time. One day I just came back home and cut out the opening in the plastic bag that I used to black out the room and there it was. Later I turned containers and other rooms into walk-in camera obscura installations in London and Rouen, France. I fell in love with the powerful simplicity of this primal photographic device. Since then I have been constantly thinking and searching for a personal version of a camera obscura that I could utilize in my practice. Everything came together in NYC; I found this rusted VW bus in 2012 which took me three years to restore. The moment the bus become roadworthy, I converted it into a giant camera on wheels; it felt like a very natural thing to do. I continue to be moved by the city’s restlessness. There is so much complexity and energy expended each and every day that seeing the sunrise touch the skyline in the morning is a miracle.