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Roxana Azar

Specimen, 2015

on reverse: a short interview with Roxana Azar by Romke Hoogwaerts

Roxana Azar is an artist from Philadelphia, PA. Azar’s work has been published in Mossless, Vice, Good-Game, Papersafe, and Ain’t Bad Magazine.

RFP How do you make these photos?

RA I take photographs in and around Richmond, VA, where I currently live, with either a digital camera or 4 x 5 camera, then manipulate the images in Photoshop.

RFP I get the sense that a theme you’re playing with here is our alienation from nature. I think you’re expressing that with these digital processes. Is that right?

RA There’s this alienation through the uncanny, I think. Those digital processes help me get there. I think about the Anthropocene and a very real fear of losing my home to climate change.

I have been thinking about terraforming and the different steps it would take to change a planet that is inhabitable. There’s this weird disjointed narrative I’ve been creating in my work in the last year and a half. The images seen here are sort of this initial realization that something isn’t right, that things which seem familiar are unfamiliar are slowly becoming more and more alien. I feel like science fiction addresses very real present and historical fears by reacting and imagining the future.