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Suzanna Zak
See Thru Mine Shaft, California, 2014

27" x 19" (inches) print on poster paper.
on reverse: a poem by Suzanna Zak

Suzanna Zak currently lives and works in Los Angeles. She is an avid rock climber and bookmaker. She recently showed work in both Overview, an exhibition by Lewis Teague Wright at SAMUEL, Chicago, and Dusty Contessa Finds a Home, a group show at Kimberly-Klark gallery in Queens, New York. Zak was also featured in Mossless Issue 3. Her poem on the back of the poster, which she wrote for Rubber Factory, is in full below:

“Do ya ever feel like you’re stuck in a corn maze? It’s where the stalks are too high to look over for a general view. I will tell you that there’s not much to do. You could keep moving through the clear cuts, trying to keep track of your turns, or, you could look at the sun and the moon, remember that the maze started to the East of the road you parked on and then you just walk West.” You will get cuts in this process, guaranteed, but you will also make it back to the road, guaranteed. There are always several different paths and I acknowledge them all. Now Atlas is a woman. She drags us behind her through this dry universe. Cowgirls, pioneers, strippers, and hackers barge into the only bar in town. Yes, they all came together. Every body needs a drink sometimes. Sitting at the bar in the blood red pool we profess our love for those who some wish to erase. Our love is loud and clear. We leave no one behind, and like Atlas, we hold them all up. When you are left with just desert we end up in an utopia for all, not just you there hiding out on the way side. I see your geotags and I remind you, I’ll be there, we’ll be there. If we all took a holiday it would be so nice. This is the tourist locale but instead there’s no displacement, and no question of authenticity. If it was as it is that’s fine by us. I already live in a world that is West and now I invite all y’all in. The West world is spreading and we’re coming for you. I know who will learn to fly fish. California will not secede, it will come for you instead. It will ooze out until every ranch that overgrazes BLM land and doesn’t pay turns into a weed growing safe space. Somewhere there is a mining town where the lode is long gone depleted. Now there’s no more metal to rip from the Earth. Now there’s just the bar full of queers dancing and laughing, a poet bar keep mixes up a mazeltov cocktail, some cowboys sit out front, their lips sealed, and some tourists ask for directions. Is this where we can see what’s left? She adjusts her corset and points to the hills. #nodapl

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